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Mike’s Hauling Services offers dependable pool demolition the professional way!

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Full-Service Pool Demolition

At first, a swimming pool might have seemed like a nice idea, but over time, it proved to be a high investment to keep up with. Does this sound familiar to you? Then Mike’s Hauling Services has the pool demolition services you need.

Our employees are professionally trained in demolition and can get rid of your pool, whether it’s above-ground or underground. Just call on us, and we can start helping you as soon as today or tomorrow.

The Pool Removal Service Near You

Mike’s Hauling offers junk removal services in the Cleveland Area, and we’ve become the region’s favorite through our hard work and professionalism. See what we’re all about during your pool removal appointment!

  • Disconnect and drain the pool for us in preparation for our arrival.
  • Once we make it there, accept our upfront quote for the job, and we can begin our work.
  • Whether above-ground or underground, we’ll do what we must to demolish the pool.
  • All resulting debris will get hauled to our truck by our friendly, courteous team.
  • By the time we’re done, you’ll have brand-new empty space to work with!

We also do hot tub removal!

Qualified for the Job

Mike’s Hauling Services has a team that knows what they’re doing. Why? Because we’ve handpicked the best of the best, then trained them even further so they can truly excel.

Why Our Team?

  • Fully insured. Don’t risk liability with an uninsured crew. We’re your best bet.
  • Fully licensed. We’ve built our team out of certified experts!
  • Professional. Our matching uniforms, strong workers, and diligent efforts say it all.
Pool Removal Cost

Skip the “big box” businesses that will do whatever they can to swindle an extra dollar out of you. Our pricing is upfront, transparent, and nonsense-free.

Our Pricing Model

  • Firstly, we’ll give you an upfront quote that covers it all: labor, time, and any other relevant charges.
  • Together, these all add up to your definitive final price. It’s all laid out to you from the start.
  • Once agreed to, this price is permanent, so don’t worry about additional fees.
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We’ve made scheduling easy, so don’t be shy. It’ll only take a couple of minutes, because we know your time is valuable.

There’s two ways to schedule an appointment:

  • Book online. Choose an appointment window, fill out your contact info, and we’ll get back to you soon.
  • Call (440) 371-3319. By dialing our business number, you’ll connect with a friendly rep in no time.

Book Online

Book Online

The Pool Demolition Pros Near You

Demolition is serious business, and it’s imperative that you entrust the work to a business that’s worth their salt. With so many different companies scattered around, though, who’s the best available? There are so many factors to consider, and it starts to become overwhelming.

Look. We won’t say we’re the “best”, because that might appear prideful. But we will say this: our honest, upfront pricing will leave your wallet with money to spare, and our cheerful, professional workforce will never let you down. So, you won’t regret booking an appointment with us. And who knows? By the time we’re done, maybe you’ll call us the “best” for us!