Commercial Services. Dumpster Rental and Clean Up

We work with any type of business.

There is always the need to cleanup, dispose, and remove many things.  

This is always desired by your customers, but should not be the focus of your business.  You can solve this by having OUR professional full service cleanup crew drop off a dumpster rental and have then do a full construction clean up of your project!

Mike’s Hauling Services, will remove all unwanted debris, dispose your project waste properly, and cleanup your entire site. 

Let Mike & his Professional Crew do the dirty work, for YOU! 

Your official "Crew on Call."

Hire Mike's Hauling Services to cleanup your worksite; it is faster & less costly than having your own internal crew d this be bothered with this work. 

Hire the right guys the first time.  Mike and his Crew have over a decade of doing this type of work & serving people like you. 

Have any site cleaned up & then quickly get back to the real job at hand! 

The variety of Services that Commercial Clients can take advantage of are as follows:

Site Clean-up for each job-site property, residential or commerical

Hourly Labor Available; your "Crew on Call" 

Priority of scheduling 

Credit terms available for payment

Quantity discounts on disposal of bulk amounts of material and large projects. 

Call to discuss our on-site process for huge clean up and massive clean out situations. (re-occurring and/or one-time deals)

We work with a variety of different commercial clients that all need removal services. You may fall into one these groups, or you may not, however, you may relate or correlate with some of these industries and/or business


Tell us what your company does & which services interest you! We will contact you as soon as our team receives the message! Looking forward to serving you!

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